Some Quartets

First Class Delivery
Ormond Morford


Durango A Cappella
Terry or Jennifer Galloway

Mixed Nuts Eric Allen 970-764-0097
Mixed Nuts
Eric Allen

2 thoughts on “Some Quartets

  1. We are so fortunate to have several Barbershop quartets in Durango and they are all so
    good. We had Mixed Nuts entertain our gourmet group last night and all of us enjoyed
    them so much. Their harmony was great; their pick of songs were perfect for us and the change of lyrics to a couple of well known songs were quite funny. Thank you, Barbara, Dave, Eric and Matt!

  2. Durango A Cappella gave me a singing valentine for me today at work. They literally brought several of us to tears with their song, “Can you feel the love tonight?”. They are extremely talented and their songs were a gift to each one of us! Thank you so much for this fantastic benefit to the community and the best Valentine’s Day gift possible.

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